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MAKING CONTACT - a weekly international radio program

Marketing Menopause

February 24, 1999

Over 40 million women in the US will go through menopause in the next 20 years. Their experience of this life transition will be profoundly affected by society's attitudes about women, aging, sexuality, healthcare and drugs. Pharmaceutical companies are spending millions of dollars to persuade women to boost their naturally declining levels of estrogen, and claiming that Hormone Replacement Therapy, or HRT, has more benefits than risks.

On this program, the Women's Desk examines what's behind the marketing of menopause.


Deborah Adams, Center for Black Women’s Wellness; Dr. Adriane Fugh-Berman, George Washington University School of Medicine; Ruby Gold, The Golden Center; Nancy Wooster, professor of Women's Studies, University of Wisconsin; Maryann Napoli, associate director, Center for Medical Consumers; Deborah Adams, Ob/Gyn physician's assistant; Cindy Pearson, National Women’s Health Network.

For more information:

Deborah Adams
Center for Black Women’s Wellness
477 Windsor St., SW #309
Atlanta, GA 30312

Dr. Adriane Fugh-Berman
Dept. of Health Sciences
George Washington University School of Medicine
2150 Pennsylvania Ave., #2B-417
Washington, DC 20037

Ruby Gold
The Golden Center
519 Castro St., #M-17
San Fancisco, CA 94114-2511

Cindy Pearson
National Women’s Health Network
514 Tenth St., NW #400
Washington, DC 20004